Patrik Svensson

This is my blog, where I write about stuff that interests me such as .NET, Rust, CI/CD and technology in general. I am a husband and a father, and I enjoy contributing to Open Source projects.

Roaming profiles with Windows Terminal

If you have more than one computer that you use, you might have noticed that it requires some work to keep your Windows Terminal profile up to date.

How to find a NuGet package path from MSBuild

Lately I've been porting some projects at a client from .NET Framework to .NET Core, and as part of that I had to convert csproj files from the old project format to the new one. That means getting rid of package references in packages.config and replacing them with PackageReference elements in the project files.

When doing this, I noticed that some files that was part of a NuGet package's TFM folder wasn't copied to the application's output folder anymore. As annoying as breaking changes are I realized that this change was an improvement in many ways, but I still needed to find a way to solve the problem.

Debugging an UWP store app with WinDbg

I was encountering a rather irritating bug a couple of days ago that only manifested itself when built via the native toolchain in release mode. I couldn't get it to manifest itself when running from Visual Studio for some reason and the problem occurred so early in the app's lifecycle that I didn't have time to create a minidump of the process.